Mesquite Square, Part 2

Here is the block part of the new mesquite square.

Notice how well the patternmakers vise will grab odd shapes with the dogs up.

I have sawn a series of rows where I plan to chisel out the channel for the sliding bar to go.

Here is the block after sawing.

The chisel shown is just the right tool to fit in the channel and clean it up.  It is however too big to initally remove the waste.  It will just scratch up the sides at this point.

This one is better for the task of clearing waste.

One problem that can easily happen when chiseling, is blow out.  When you reach the edge, you can take loose a bigger chunk than you wanted to.  The way to prevent this is to either make an incision first to reduce the chances of it happening or miter the edge.

When cleaning up, a nice sharp edge is required.

I prefer a western style chisel for some finishing work.  A flat back lets me make a smooth flush cut.  I can plane with a flat backed chisel.

After getting the channel right, I check to see if my square is going to be square.

The bar has to be straight as well, so I ground it on the kanaban as well.

Here it is beginning to look like a useful tool!

I still need to put a clamping system in it, true the angles, and mark a scale on the bar.


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