Repairing a Japanese Saw

In a previous post reviewing the Grizzly Japanese Chisels, I mentioned the repair of a Japanese Saw that had it’s handle broken.

On the left is the new handle mortise being made. On the right is the broken handle. Note that the mortise on the new handle is smaller, in width and length. This […]

China Berry Tree

Click on the picture of the China Berry flowers to see it larger. This is a graceful and lovely tree. It is also an invasive non native. It is also a mahogany. The lovely flowers are from a tree that I am planning on cutting down this Thanksgiving break.

I salvaged some wood from […]

Another Iris

I just got a compliment on an iris photo. so I have to post another.

This is the Iris Ellene Rockwell, but really it is a frog picture. I will use any excuse to at all to sneak in photos of frogs. Click on the picture for a better view.



Collecting Basil Seed

Basil is a delightful grace in the yard, and fairly easy to grow as long as you have good seed to start with.

I am quite sure that someone has a much better way to collect basil seed, there is no way that what I am doing would work commercially. I will however share the […]

Froe Mallet

Here is a photo of the Froe Mallet I made.

Even though I had not used one on a froe, the motive for the design is obvious. A rough surface will absorb some of the womp, so you want a smooth hard wood surface. But you are going to be pounding on a […]