Louisiana Iris

I was looking through a few old pictures and decided to share.

Here is the Loisiana Iris, Ann Chowning,

Here is a great photo of an Iris. What makes it special is the range of emotion on the brother and sisters faces. One suspects, the other is ready to persuade. Such contrast is poetic.


A Pretty Minirature Waterlily

Here is a lovely miniature waterlily. I have always had a fondness for the smaller waterlilies.

I rather like this one.

Not quite two inches across, with a variegated leaf.

I think the snake likes it too!



Zephyranthes, Rain Lilies

These lovely flowers bloom sometimes right after it rains.

Nice flowers.


Hybridizing Waterlilies

My father was a quite brilliant and gifted hybridizer of waterlilies. Here I will prove this brag, with a few links, Pioneer, Hybridization, Obituary

As a result, I am quite interested in hybridizing waterlilies, however I am quite scared to ever present a waterlily. Take for example this lovely plant.

It is a small […]

Lettuce as a Complex Environment

I have been harvesting lettuce seed recently. Usually I just put a palm below one of the dandelion like flowers and with the finger tips of the other hand, massage the ripe seeds from the flower. The ripe seeds fall right out, along with a bunch of chaff.

As a child, I used to go […]