My new Tomato Friends!

Here are the tomato varieties that I will be trying from seed gathered at the Tomato Festival!

#1 Tipsy and #2 Green Giant x Yellow Submarine F1

#3 Dice’s Mystery Black

#4 Jaune Flamme a wonderful French heirloom tomato

#5 Sungold

#6 Purple Haze F1

#7 OSU Blue

#8 […]

South East Texas Tomato Festival

This weekend, I traveled to Washington on the Brazos to see the South East Texas Tomato Festival!

The bridge was out, so we had to take a detour, but it was all worth it. The folk there are testing, and comparing heirloom and a bit more recent varieties of tomatoes.

They had a huge range […]

Okra, or Sometimes Seed Saving is way too easy

Okra grows a pod. If left on the plant it will dry out and be full of seed. It is just that easy to save okra seed.

Dry Pods

Split Pods

Clean Seeds



Collecting Basil Seed

Basil is a delightful grace in the yard, and fairly easy to grow as long as you have good seed to start with.

I am quite sure that someone has a much better way to collect basil seed, there is no way that what I am doing would work commercially. I will however share the […]

Seed Packets

Zip lock bags are pretty much the rage for seed storage these days. However, they are quite inferior in some ways. They keep moisture in, so they can reduce the storage life of seeds and they can promote mold. For keeping moisture out, they are great.

The best initial packet is a paper one. After […]