I made an ‘amplifier’ for my iphone.


Hex Bit Sockets and What is possible Now

The first time I used a quick release socket it was a revelation. I had seen the notch set up for them, but not the adapter. For me being able to replace a bit, or use multiple bits, and not have them fall out at the first opportunity was wonderful.

Since then I have sought […]

What is a Hand Tool?

The Jointmaker Pro has gotten me thinking.

When I was a child, I noticed no distinction, but then I was a child. A power drill was a hand tool, a drill was a hand tool. Now that drill is a hand drill or egg beater, the power drill is still a power drill or just […]

JointMaker Pro

Lie-Nielsen had a Tool Event this last Friday, the 9th of January, 2009. I took the day off and my wife and I drove to Austin.

It was a very small show, but totally worth it. I got to see and touch all sorts of wonderful tools made by Lie-Nielsen! I also got to see […]

The Path to Hand Tool Use

I recently started a thread on Woodnet, Woodworking Handtools, Asking, “What project got you started?”

The resulting posts were amazing. It was pretty obvious that the majority had gone as far as they could with conventional powered tools and they had to move to hand tools to achieve the results they desired.

A few folk […]