Tool for Making Blades

Not yet perfected, but it is showing good potential as a prototype.

The wood clamp slides along the two bars. The held blade slides across the grinder.

The angle and position can be adjusted.

After using it a bit, it needs to be easier to adjust and micro adjustment to slowly bring […]

The Myth about Hand Tools

The Myth about Hand Tools is,

Hand tools are slower, more primitive, clumsy tools that only mad skilled woodworkers who prefer to dress in renaissance festival clothing can master.

This tool, more, I think, than any other, created this myth.

The Low-Angle, Bevel-Up, Block Plane.

Here is the common, yet before this, untold […]

Outdoor Workbench part 3, Tools Needed

The first tool I show on the bottom right, is an open ended wrench. the closed end can be ratcheting, but a good open end wrench will last a very long time. A small set of the basic wrenches can be gotten for about $20, and is a must have tool set. Probably an […]

Outdoor Workbench part 2, Details

This is continued from the original post

First a few more details on the table,

The bottom most part of this table is ground contact treated 4×4.

Big holes are drilled halfway up through the base for the bolts to fit. Smaller holes are drilled through so that the holes shown above allow washers […]

Outdoor Cedar Workbench

I have a fun idea! I want an outdoor workbench. I like to work outside when I can.

So here it is:

The vise is one that clamps onto the bench, so it can be put up. Hopefully the rest of the table will take the wear and tear of outdoor living and do […]