A Pretty Minirature Waterlily

Here is a lovely miniature waterlily. I have always had a fondness for the smaller waterlilies.

I rather like this one.

Not quite two inches across, with a variegated leaf.

I think the snake likes it too!



Toolmaking Resources VIII; Alice Frampton, Cornish Workshop

Do not believe for a moment that quality wood working or the love of fine tools is purely the domain of men. One visit to The Cornish Workshop should be enough to forever shatter that delusion.

Alf, Alice Frampton, has been generously sharing her knowledge and skills for quite a while. She has been a […]

Hybridizing Waterlilies

My father was a quite brilliant and gifted hybridizer of waterlilies. Here I will prove this brag, with a few links, Pioneer, Hybridization, Obituary

As a result, I am quite interested in hybridizing waterlilies, however I am quite scared to ever present a waterlily. Take for example this lovely plant.

It is a small […]


I like to regularly sneak in pictures of frogs for no special reason.

Here is another;

Win, win for me, I get to share a frog photo or two and it gives me more daily content. 🙂


Using water effectively

Here is how I conserve water in my garden,

The water is controlled and adjustable in each pot. The runoff from the pot, then supports the pear tree planted behind.

Here it is in early spring. The pond on the left catches water, but is allowed to dry out during the summer.

The […]