Seed Packets

Zip lock bags are pretty much the rage for seed storage these days.  However, they are quite inferior in some ways.  They keep moisture in, so they can reduce the storage life of seeds and they can promote mold.  For keeping moisture out, they are great.

The best initial packet is a paper one.  After the seeds totally dry, then putting them in a ziplock is nice, especially if you plan to freeze them.

Here is how I make my seed packets.  These things work great, they can even hold flour without leaking, and still be opened and closed back again.

First you take a sheet of nice fairly heavy weight paper.

Then you fold it in half

Then you fold the free edges over.

If you have really fine seed, then you should fold that over one more time.

Then you flip it over, and fold an angle down on the corner.

The edge that was folded over once or twice is the edge being folded over.

You do this on both ends.

When you flip it back over, it looks like this.

Then you fold the points under the flap.

The finished product looks like this.

It is easy to label.  To fill it, you unfold one end, and open it up!

Here is the open end, I just put a bunch of okra seed in it.

Then you fold it back down.

All done!

These packages are inexpensive, quick to make, can be opened and closed, and seeds can still continue to dry while in them.


3 comments to Seed Packets

  • Paul Swoboda

    Thanks for the kind advice… I’ve got some pumpkin seeds in one of these right now. I like it better than staples or tape.

    Best wishes,

    Paul, Australia

  • Bob Strawn

    I am glad you like the seed packet! To me is a a wonderful thing, but apparently there are just a few of us who do.


  • brian

    I use these packets all the time. they are even great for things other than seeds. they are wonderful. Thank you for showing this.

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