I Just got a brand new Onion!

I was at the farmers market this weekend and saw some nice big green onions. I took a close look at them and got pretty exited! These onions were clean white onions with healthy roots. The bulb was not swollen, the leaves were D shaped in cross section, the woody section between the roots and […]

China Berry Tree

Click on the picture of the China Berry flowers to see it larger. This is a graceful and lovely tree. It is also an invasive non native. It is also a mahogany. The lovely flowers are from a tree that I am planning on cutting down this Thanksgiving break.

I salvaged some wood from […]

Okra, or Sometimes Seed Saving is way too easy

Okra grows a pod. If left on the plant it will dry out and be full of seed. It is just that easy to save okra seed.

Dry Pods

Split Pods

Clean Seeds




Here is my tomato pyramid.

It was made from willow saplings, and was treated with milk paint and borax. After that it has been out in the garden holding up tomatoes and other vines. It is about 11 feet tall and has done quite well. Light, sturdy, rustic and in it’s own way charming. […]

Classic Leatherworking Patterns

I have been looking for classic leather working tool stamp patterns. A lot of patterns these days show barbed wire and Texas style stars. Fortunately I found a catalog of leatherworking tools from 1880. Steven Shepherd, was kind enough to provide it for Gary Roberts’ Toolemera Press to provide it for us to read.

The […]