Another Iris

I just got a compliment on an iris photo. so I have to post another.

This is the Iris Ellene Rockwell, but really it is a frog picture. I will use any excuse to at all to sneak in photos of frogs. Click on the picture for a better view.



The Joys of Blogging!

A recent comment on one of my articles had a link to this site, Jaxt Woodcarvings. For a quick look of the range of product, their storefront is well worth looking at. Their works are classic, delightful and I think, timeless. Some of these works inspire a child like glee while others inspire a […]

Fleam, Bowsaws, History and Faith

I just this week read a post about fleam over on Popular Woodworking. Aparently Colonial Williamsberg does not put fleam on their saws, since there is no evidence of fleam on saws in Colonial America.

This got me to thinking, Tage Frid, an expert among experts, liked to use a ripsaw for cutting dovetails across […]

Collecting Basil Seed

Basil is a delightful grace in the yard, and fairly easy to grow as long as you have good seed to start with.

I am quite sure that someone has a much better way to collect basil seed, there is no way that what I am doing would work commercially. I will however share the […]

Bent Bowsaw Blade

Here is an amazing tool that I have not seen before, I learned about it at Full Chisel.

And here at Popular Woodworking is an example of it in use.

What it does, is cut a sharp angle and keep cutting. Rather amazing really.

This is one of my first attempts. Nothing much to […]