Making a Hexagonal Tool Box, Part 2, Templates and Guides

If you read my previous post, then my template may be familiar.

A good method is to use the template to set up the stops on your measuring equipment.

The stops in this case are a pair of brass stair gauges attached to a large carpenters square.  These two gauges once set to give a specific angle, will allow you to instantly reproduce the same angle over and over.

In the example below, I have the rule pulled a bit back from the edge of the template, but by laying down the template, and putting the rule right on the edge of the template, you can mark precise lines on the edge of a paper template.

These methods will help you to produce fairly accurate work.  Much more accurate than using degrees and angles will tend to get you.  By starting out precise, your job fitting stuff together nicely becomes much easier.  Don’t get too hung up on precision however nice it is.  Wood changes shape, precision is hard to maintain.


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