Grizzly Japanese Chisels and Gouges, Part 5

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 4.5, (Part 5)

I got the replacement chisel from Grizzly! After all the practice it took longer for the wax mix to heat up than it did to get the handle ready.

I have tested the new one and it is doing fine so far. […]

Smoking Pipe

I figured it was high time I made myself a pipe. I grow my own tobacco, and my corn cob pipe has a plastic mouthpiece that pleases me not at all. I found a flawed chunk of mesquite and started work.

I started the big hole with a one inch bit. Then I drilled the […]

What is a Hand Tool?

The Jointmaker Pro has gotten me thinking.

When I was a child, I noticed no distinction, but then I was a child. A power drill was a hand tool, a drill was a hand tool. Now that drill is a hand drill or egg beater, the power drill is still a power drill or just […]

My Brilliant Wife's Invention!

Here is my brilliant wife’s latest invention!

She has posted it for sale, on Etsy!

Her invention is called the SkeinSnake! It zips up around a skein of yarn. This way, the skein can be washed without all the tangling. People who want to preshrink fibers, remove the odd chemicals, and relax the wave from […]

Repairing a Japanese Saw

In a previous post reviewing the Grizzly Japanese Chisels, I mentioned the repair of a Japanese Saw that had it’s handle broken.

On the left is the new handle mortise being made. On the right is the broken handle. Note that the mortise on the new handle is smaller, in width and length. This […]