Grizzly Japanese Chisels and Gouges, Part 4

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I have had a chance to use the Grizzly Chisels now and have had a few updates in information. I decided that it was worthless to not trust my tools. So I went ahead and started to push my new Grizzly Japanese Chisel set. So far I have put and honed out three dings. That is not a lot considering that I have been working with osage and mesquite. Three dings is pretty low for seriously hard, tool eating wood. I have not been going easy on these tools. I have done a fair bit of work with several of them including the next smallest size and they have all held up fine. So I decided to go ahead and grind a point on the broken smallest one. The break was the one thing that gave me a few reservations about this tool set.

Broken Chisel

On close examination of the broken off tip and the remaining blade, I noticed that the black, ‘japanning,’ paint that covered the tool also covered part of the crack, where it was broken. In other words, it was cracked before they put the finish on the tool at the factory. Flaws like this happen, though we would rather they didn’t.

I called Grizzly’s support line and got to talk to Josh. Josh was quite helpful and understanding in this my time of need. Grizzly will be sending me a new chisel, so kudos to Grizzly, their tools and their support crew.

After I get the new chisel, I will clean it up, shape the handle and reset the hoop. Then I will put it through it’s paces. I will let you know the results in part 5, of this review.


Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, (Part 4,) Part 4.5, Part 5

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