Soap Making with Potassium Hydroxide, Part 1, The Process

I prefer to avoid pesticides, at times however I want crops and plants I love are being destroyed. One of the safer pesticides to use is soap.

Additionally I would rather add potassium to my crops, than sodium. Most soap these days is made from Sodium Hydroxide, it is cheaper and makes a harder soap. […]

Veritas AFD

Every year about this time, Lee Valley Tools shows us a unique new and functional tool, the likes of which has not been seen before.

Here is the list of these wonderful, functional devices.

This tool belt is my favorite. While you are there, scroll down and click on ‘View’ to see the president of […]

Magenta Spreen Lambsquarter

Such a pretty plant. It is early in the year, so most of these are under a foot tall. They will be just as pretty in the fall, only by then they will be over ten feet tall. Tasty and lovely leaves. I love this plant. This plant dies each year, but comes […]