What a Pencil Shave Can do!

I took about 20 minutes and tested what a pencil shave can do.

Sweet little tool, made with one of the cutters from a pencil sharpener.

Here, I am pushing it into some pine,

On the left is cut with the grain in pine stopped to show a curl or spill. On the right […]

Pencil Shave

I have been wanting one of these for about three years. I finally made one!

This was made from one of the cutters in an old broken pencil sharpener. It was a bit dull so I sharpened the cutter using the ancient method of soaking it in vinegar. Now it is nice and sharp. […]

Radius Cutter/Scribe

Johnathan, recently posted on Woodnet his rendition of an inlay radius cutter. The design is one that Steve Latta showed in an article on Fine Woodworking. Lie-Nielsen sells one based on that design.

The tool is a very stable compass that can cut. My current need is one to mark a radius in steel. […]

Making a Head Knife

Here is my endless loop. I make stuff to make stuff to make stuff. Seriously. I have a theory that a leather tool box might be ideal. In any case I want to experiment. One thing that I need for this is a few leather tools. A lot I have bought, but one of the […]

A Nice Rack!

Seriously, I love this tool rack system! It looks to be economical, flexible and functional. Plus the modular system allows you to rearrange things as you get more tools. The only real down side, is that tool storage systems that you can’t close are a bit more suseptible to dust and rust. If your […]