How to Make an Octagonal Handle, Shell Auger and Straight Drilling Guide

I will warn you, this walk-through is a big one! The results, however, will let a woodworker without a lathe or mad shaping skills to have a reasonably high chance of turning a small chunk of wood into a lovely handle that can be held with comfort and pride!

I have been researching and experimenting […]

No Glue, No Glue, What to do!

I need some glue, lots of glue, epoxy preferably. I have looked around, I have lots of glue, a couple of boxes of glue, all of them are now strange hazardous waste. They are all well over a year old. Glues, most glues are dead in a year. Some may go a few more years, […]

Battle of the Grips

The previous discussion of grips is far from over!

One method I have used to compare grips, is to have them face off. Then I can see, as I swap hands and grips, which grip applies more force with less effort.


Japanese Plane Wrappers are Plain Wrappers

I needed a few more plane wrappers. These are a very easy leatherworking project. No need for any fancy embellishments like straight lines. These can be rough.

I had two, the dark ones, and I needed three more. Just in case, I made four.


Tool Grips

For quite some time I have paid close attention to tool grips.

I have even made quite a few odd ones just to test ideas.