Chickens make Lousy House Pets!

But are great in the yard!

Having a little girl who loves and takes care of animals makes a father as happy as can be!

My little girl in her Happy Chicken Place!

So Mr. Bond, you have noticed my chicken army!



A Pretty Minirature Waterlily

Here is a lovely miniature waterlily. I have always had a fondness for the smaller waterlilies.

I rather like this one.

Not quite two inches across, with a variegated leaf.

I think the snake likes it too!



A Cat Food Freeloading Racoon

This little guy is on a tall 4×4 post on my porch.

Cute little guy.



Chicken Coop

I made a tall coop for keeping a few chickens in. It has lots of perches that they can hop up on. The chickens have to hop a foot or so up and over to climb, but they seem to like it. I have made an effort to line up the perches so that they […]


I like to regularly sneak in pictures of frogs for no special reason.

Here is another;

Win, win for me, I get to share a frog photo or two and it gives me more daily content. 🙂