Food Safe Glue

My next glue purchase is going to be a gallon of Ecopoxy.

I have been looking for a waterproof, food safe glue for quite a while. A lot of people advertise that their products are made with food safe glue, and a lot of people say that this or that glue is food safe, but […]

My new Tomato Friends!

Here are the tomato varieties that I will be trying from seed gathered at the Tomato Festival!

#1 Tipsy and #2 Green Giant x Yellow Submarine F1

#3 Dice’s Mystery Black

#4 Jaune Flamme a wonderful French heirloom tomato

#5 Sungold

#6 Purple Haze F1

#7 OSU Blue

#8 […]

Texas Cedar

When I started out exploring and sharing experiences on woodworking using the web, I took the handle ‘Cedar Slayer.’ Between allergies and my enjoying the smell of the wood, I was cutting and using a reasonable quantity of the stuff. I grew to love this wood, and was surprised at the variability of it. As […]

South East Texas Tomato Festival

This weekend, I traveled to Washington on the Brazos to see the South East Texas Tomato Festival!

The bridge was out, so we had to take a detour, but it was all worth it. The folk there are testing, and comparing heirloom and a bit more recent varieties of tomatoes.

They had a huge range […]

Cut and come again Lettuce, use it or lose it!

Right now my lettuce is at a turning point.

This one is beginning to produce seed. The one below is ready to eat.

If I remove all the mature leaves, it will grow more, and the pruning will prevent it from going to seed at least until it gets a little bit warmer.