Magenta Spreen Lambsquarter

Such a pretty plant. It is early in the year, so most of these are under a foot tall. They will be just as pretty in the fall, only by then they will be over ten feet tall. Tasty and lovely leaves. I love this plant. This plant dies each year, but comes […]

Giant Dibbler

Here is my giant dibbler. Made from a pine 4×4.

The cross bar is made from ash. The point has been shaped into a triangle.

This tool is pretty useful, it has even been borrowed by several people and returned damaged. It still works fine. You stick the point where you want to […]

February Greens

One of the great joys of gardening is going shopping in you back yard.

I can sit on a bench and enjoy Magenta Spreen Lambs Quarter and Pac Choy fresh, clean and damp from an evening rain.

There is a bit of Swiss Chard at the back, for cooking as well.

With a […]


About four years ago I got some Ujukitsu fruit from a farmers market in downtown Houston. In case you have never tasted this delightful citrus, imagine perfect lemonade.

The only sources I have been able to find have been independent growers. The last thing I want to do is risk bringing a citrus disease into […]

Repairing a Japanese Saw

In a previous post reviewing the Grizzly Japanese Chisels, I mentioned the repair of a Japanese Saw that had it’s handle broken.

On the left is the new handle mortise being made. On the right is the broken handle. Note that the mortise on the new handle is smaller, in width and length. This […]