Do You have Enough Tools?

I love posts about workshops in other countries. They show other methods of work holding, and working with tools. Often times you see amazing work being done with a few simple tools. What I really like is the simple tools.

But in every conversation about these tools, someone has to make the cheap shot about […]

Multi-Functional Divider

I love multifunctional tools. Sadly, most of them don’t really work very well. Here is one that is a real gem.

The bottom divider is unmodified. Works great, and it can hold a pencil. The top one is modified by having one point ground down. It will not measure quite as small a gap. […]

Pencil Shave

I have been wanting one of these for about three years. I finally made one!

This was made from one of the cutters in an old broken pencil sharpener. It was a bit dull so I sharpened the cutter using the ancient method of soaking it in vinegar. Now it is nice and sharp. […]

Radius Cutter/Scribe

Johnathan, recently posted on Woodnet his rendition of an inlay radius cutter. The design is one that Steve Latta showed in an article on Fine Woodworking. Lie-Nielsen sells one based on that design.

The tool is a very stable compass that can cut. My current need is one to mark a radius in steel. […]

Working Hot Steel

I have been needing to shape and temper a bit of steel for quite some time, but have put it off with one thing or another. My belt grinder has been acting flakey, so I really need to put together a bunch of parts I have been collecting and make a better one. A couple […]