Froe Mallet

Here is a photo of the Froe Mallet I made.

Even though I had not used one on a froe, the motive for the design is obvious. A rough surface will absorb some of the womp, so you want a smooth hard wood surface. But you are going to be pounding on a […]

Wax Mix

I am doing a bit of outdoor work and need a bit more of my wax mix, so I thought I would be kind and share the recipe and process.

The mix is very simple. Equal parts of Safflower Oil, Turpentine, and Paraffin.

For wax I am using a candle I bought cheap.


Improving a Scratch Awl

I have a tool that is almost perfect, that I use constantly. I will search for hours for it, I am so dependent on it- a little Japanese Socket Awl.

The big one in the picture above is one of the best made western style scratch awls. You can pound it, mark with it, […]

Toolmaking Resources VIII; Alice Frampton, Cornish Workshop

Do not believe for a moment that quality wood working or the love of fine tools is purely the domain of men. One visit to The Cornish Workshop should be enough to forever shatter that delusion.

Alf, Alice Frampton, has been generously sharing her knowledge and skills for quite a while. She has been a […]

Toolmaking Resources IV; Stephen Shepherd

Stephan Shepherd has long maintained and compiled one the first resources of woodworking information on the net. If you go to his website and then click on Alburnam’s Archive, you will find this resource. Here you will find the motherload. There is more information, tips, methods, recipes and history than can be read in a […]