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Toolmaking Resources VI; Rob Hanson's Evenfall Woodworks

Rob Hanson, Evenfall has been kind enough to all of us to provide a large collection of books, resources and his own observations. His website is a delight. His Library of online books is also quite amazing. Evenfall is a regular contributor on the WoodNet Handtools Forum. His responses to questions there, are often articles […]

Toolmaking Resources V; Gary Roberts' Toolemera Press

Gary has kindly organized, digitized, and given us access to a delightful library of tool and wood working documents. In his Book library, for example is the book, How to make woodworking tools. In this book alone are examples of tools that cover most of the range of hand woodworking.



Human Blindspots

Think back about the non-fiction books where the lead female is not dramatically gorgeous. You are amazingly well read and have a good memory if you can come up with even a handful. Male leads, can indeed be ugly.

They usually need to be clever, brilliant, smart, compassionate, brave, funny, determined or even ‘destined for […]

Toolmaking Resources IV; Stephen Shepherd

Stephan Shepherd has long maintained and compiled one the first resources of woodworking information on the net. If you go to his website and then click on Alburnam’s Archive, you will find this resource. Here you will find the motherload. There is more information, tips, methods, recipes and history than can be read in a […]

Toolmaking Resources III, Cian Perez's Index

Another great resource is Cian Perez’s Index! Cian has collected a great if not the great set of hand tool related articles. While he does not link to any of his own articles here, if you want advice on photographing tools, he is one of the best sources for that information as well. He is […]