Using water effectively

Here is how I conserve water in my garden,

The water is controlled and adjustable in each pot. The runoff from the pot, then supports the pear tree planted behind.

Here it is in early spring. The pond on the left catches water, but is allowed to dry out during the summer.

The […]


This is an old time tool called an OWT. Old womans tooth. It was what woodworkers used to clean out gouges and the like. Basically and old time router. I made this one to use a chisel, so it took up less room int the tool box.

Here it is with the chisel set […]


Everywhere you look someone has a different version of a sawhorse. This sawhorse is just a bit different, just like all the rest.

It is quite stable and quite light. It also has a few extra nifty qualities.

The sawhorse grips a 2×4 or 2×6 when you use it.

Here it is without […]

Easy Square

Here is a real simple project that is pretty and well worth doing.

Take a nice block of wood and cut a slit in it deep enough and wide enough to hold a carpenters square. Then epoxy it in and make sure the face is square. This makes the square very convenient and pretty.


Rust Prevention

I have been reading up on rust prevention and one name that comes up over and over is Ballistol. Apart from keeping Prussian guns clean and rust free, there are those who use it on leather, wood, goats, people, old records, and planes.

Here are a few links: Woodnet discussion on Ballistol.

The Story […]