Poisonous Plants

Nature has made me a hypocrite. And I am a better person for it. We often take stands that on the surface seem right, but with understanding, are fairly weak.

My ideal was to have no toxic plants in my yard and garden. Ignore the fact that that would mean eliminating and fighting a huge […]

Remember the Elephant Garlic!

Big, tasty, and quite pretty to grow!

Butterflies like it to!

Such an amazing flower bundle!

Tall and graceful!

Even the fig tree likes them:



Setting Japanese Chisel Hoops

Chisel comes with the hoop on, but not right. It is on tight, first I need to take it off.

Lots of ways you could take it off, I am using a big hammer, a wooden wedge, and a socket wrench socket a bit smaller than the ring. The socket is held in […]

Mesquite Panel Gauge

The one on the right is the Mesquite Panel Gauge. On the left is the Pecan Marking Gauge.

The pecan guide will not lock onto the smaller mesquite bar, apart from that, the tools are interchangeable. The pencil and blade work with either.

Here is the panel gauge in use. If you […]

Gardening Outside the Box

This is what my garden looks like,

The trees are willows that I planted myself. They are almost three years old, and an important part of my garden. They are a natural shade cloth. The white flowers on the left are radish flowers. The small cedar structure is a garden shelf.

In the […]