Gardening Outside the Box

This is what my garden looks like,

Garden in the Willows

The trees are willows that I planted myself. They are almost three years old, and an important part of my garden. They are a natural shade cloth. The white flowers on the left are radish flowers. The small cedar structure is a garden shelf.
Garden Shelf

In the shelf are irrigation, pruning, and tree care materials, handy for immediate use in the garden.


These are radish flowers and seed pods. The flowers can be eaten, the seed pods can be eaten too. Oddly mild radishes seem to have hot pods, and hot radishes milder pods.


The hotness varies by weather, water and maturity, so don’t trust it entirely.


The pods while still tender are like a cross between a radish and an English pea. Quite tasty raw, if you can take the heat.


The flowers are more like a cross between, a sweet flower, broccoli and of course radish.

Radishes grow well as a companion plant with just about everything. Here is a celery plant and a radish in bloom together.

Radish and Celery in bloom
If you harvest the flowers, you get even more. Be sure to let pods mature and dry so you can plant more!

Note the pond on the other side of the radish.

Why limit a garden to being a dry set of rows? Tomatoes are even prettier with a pond behind them.


You can always look past the trees and garden and enjoy the pond.


It is even possible to garden in the weeds and grass if you pick the right plant and find the right spot. These are elephant garlic, almost too pretty to eat, almost.

Elephant Garlic

Here is another branch off the main path of the garden, where I am raising corn, squash and beans.
Corn, Squash and beans

Here is a lovely gourd flower. We are looking the other way, down the same garden row.
Gourd Flower


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