Mesquite Panel Gauge

The one on the right is the Mesquite Panel Gauge. On the left is the Pecan Marking Gauge.

The pecan guide will not lock onto the smaller mesquite bar, apart from that, the tools are interchangeable. The pencil and blade work with either.

Here is the panel gauge in use. If you look close you can see the line it cuts.

Here is the pecan marking gauge with the pencil in use.

Because the knife sticks out a bit, I have to hold it down with my finger, as I cut, or it will not make a good cut. On the plus side, it is comfortable, stable, and quite controlled. It also ignores grain!!!!

Here it is taken apart. This is the third wedge that I turned for it, the first two were failures. Getting a wedge to consistently grip well can be a challenge.

Here is the panel gauge with the pencil in place. you can see the slot at the bottom of the gauge for the edge of the board.

Here it is lifted slightly to show how the slot at the bottom edge works. Not so stealthy grain gloat included.

Here it is ready to mark, without the edge lifted.

Here are the markers. They can both be used without the gauge! When the knife is set with the curved side toward the fence, the curve tends to push the blade away from the fence. This helps keep a straight line. And it works that way in either direction!


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