This is an old time tool called an OWT.  Old womans tooth.   It was what woodworkers used to clean out gouges and the like.  Basically and old time router.   I made this one to use a chisel, so it took up less room int the tool box.

Artsy OWT

Here it is with the chisel set up in it, ready to remove wood.


Here it is taken apart,

OWT Wedge

Even the simplest tool can be made as an expression of art,



2 comments to OWT

  • Red_Beard

    How well does it work? I’d be worried about flexing during use. Also, what angle is the chisel held at?

    It is very elegant.

  • Bob Strawn

    The wood I used is mesquite, which does not flex easily. The angle is maybe 80 degrees, so it is set up more as a scraper than as a plane. It does a good job of cleaning up the bottom of an area that was chiseled. It is pretty easy to make an OWT that works well. Many have been made with a clear lucite or lexan bottom plate to give a good view of the work.

    The real difference from most OWT’s or planes for this matter, is the wedge is usually located in front of the blade and not behind it.



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