Everywhere you look someone has a different version of a sawhorse.  This sawhorse is just a bit different, just like all the rest.


It is quite stable and quite light.  It also has a few extra nifty qualities.

The sawhorse grips a 2×4 or 2×6 when you use it.

Sawhorse Gripping

Here it is without a 2×4,

sawhorse open

It also comes apart into two identical sections.  This allows it to be stored easily.

Sawhorse Section


6 comments to Sawhorse

  • Skip J.

    I’m going to be honest and say I thought I had seen it all – but your last photo shows a truely different design than I have seen before..

    The 2 x 4 trapping is cool and I have seen that – but the dowel insert assembly is new to me.


  • I am delighted that someone noticed!

    As far as I have seen, it is unique to me. It evolved out of several hinged and otherwise pivoting systems. This pivot system has the advantage of being light and quite inexpensive. It could be shorter, but I like the knob it makes for hanging my tool belt on.
    The advantage of the captive board is that you can replace or rotate it after you have cut it a few times. This way you can use a saw without worrying about the sawhorse.


  • Skip J.

    Congrats! I think that’s a heckuva system! No hinges…..

    Yep, I saw that sacrificial 2 by setup long ago, very cool….


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  • First, that’s a really nifty sawhorse. I really like its versatility.

    Second, I’ve found that the WordPress plugin called WP-Spam-Free does a great job.

  • Bill C.

    Great looking sawhorse, I really like the features (2 sides identical, pivot system with sacrificial 2X, etc.) Question – what angle did you use for the legs? Thanks.

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