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Until you run a blog, there is an entire family of spam you never see. Stuff with pages of links to all the stuff they normally spam you on are common. In any case they have links that lead back to sites you really don’t want to see. Often they compliment your site mastery, wisdom, artistic style and blog in general.

I want to know what their search engine is based on. My most popular post for spam is my sawhorse post.  I have no clue why.  Once a day, at least, a spambot tries to put a spam message to the sawhorse post.   What makes sawhorses so interesting to spambots?    It is a short enough post, not a lot of special words to search on.   It is not high ranking on google searches, so I have no clue as to why they have picked out that particular post.

Since I have mentioned spam on this post,  this post is likely to become my most spammed at least for a month or two.  Go figure.


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