Toolmaking Resources

These are pages where craftsmen and experts have shared their knowledge generously.   Some of them I have copied from, argued with and been encouraged by.  All of them have given valuable information freely.

Tool Making Resources I; Derek Cohen

I have gotten wonderful ideas, and oddly enough, training from many different sources.  I have never met Derek in person, but he has been a Mentor to me none the less.  I have copied ideas from him, been inspired by him, and taught by him.  He is a regular on WoodNet, and his Website offers many of his articles on tools, tool making and the like.  A wonderful fellow from Perth Australia, he is one of my heroes.

Tool Making Resources II, Bob Smalser

Bob Smalser is a rarity in that he learned hand tool use, and boat building from a family tradition.  He is also a scientist, so his observations and methods are well worth learning from.  His articles can be found in a variety of places and they are well worth reading.   He is yet another Mentor that I have never met.  Many of my best methods have been learned from him.  He is one of the great sources of information on tool modification, tool making, rust prevention, saw sharpening, and glue.

Toolmaking Resources III, Cian Perez’s Index

Another great resource is Cian Perez’s Index! Cian has collected a great if not the great set of hand tool related articles.  While he does not link to any of his own articles here, if you want advice on photographing tools,  he is one of the best sources for that information as well.  He is a moderator on WoodNet, and is quite active and helpful.

Toolmaking Resources IV; Stephen Shepherd

Stephan Shepherd has long maintained and compiled one the first resources of woodworking information on the net.  If you go to his website and then click on Alburnam’s Archive, you will find this resource.  Here you will find the motherload.  There is more information, tips, methods, recipes and history than can be read in a reasonable time.  If you want ancient and authentic, then this resource is the first one to go to.

Toolmaking Resources V; Gary Roberts’ Toolemera Press

Gary has kindly organized, digitized, and given us access to a delightful library of tool and wood working documents.  In his Book library, for example is the book, How to make woodworking tools.  In this book alone are examples of tools that cover most of the range of hand woodworking.

Toolmaking Resources VI; Rob Hanson’s Evenfall Woodworks

Rob Hanson, Evenfall has been kind enough to all of us to provide a large collection of books, resources and his own observations.  His website is a delight.  His Library of online books is also quite amazing.   Evenfall is a regular contributor on the WoodNet Handtools Forum.   His responses to questions there, are often articles all by themselves.

Toolmaking Resources VII; Joel Moskowitz, Tools For Working Wood

Besides being a wonderful online woodworking store, with great service, has quite a few top notch articles.  Joel Moskowitz has created some of the most valuable content out there.   His pages on sharpening are a must read.

Toolmaking Resources VIII; Alf, Cornish Workshop

Do not believe for a moment that quality wood working or the love of fine tools is purely the domain of men.  One visit to The Cornish Workshop should be enough to forever shatter that delusion.

Alf, Alice Frampton, has been generously sharing her knowledge and skills for quite a while.  She has been a large influence in the old tool community.  Her writings were quite influential to my learning, so though we have never met, she is one of my mentors, and I revere her.  Her explanations are humorous, precise, concise and detailed.

Toolmaking Resources IX; Paul Womack, BugBear

BugBear is a great source for bowsaw information and plans.  He provides wonderful plans and has shared a great deal of quality, detailed information.  Do not miss his details on scratch stocks.  He is seriously tempting me to make another.   He has led an amazing number of folks to the light of hand tool making.  I salute BugBear, a brilliant craftsman, tool maker and teacher.

Toolmaking Resources X; Leif, Norse Woodsmith

The Norse Woodsmith, Leif, shows how he does his work, often experimental, always superb.  If you want some great inspiration on tool making be sure to check out the projects he details.