Pocket Burnisher for Scrapers, Macarons and a Game Update

Birdcage Awl is also a Burnisher
If you read my previous birdcage awl post, you might recognize this tool. This was the real purpose of the tool, it is a fun and convenient twist that this tool also works as a pocket birdcage awl. This will allow a straight edge burnish and angled burnishes. This is ideal for curved burnishers.

The rest of the post is about cookies and games, so ignore the [MORE] if you are just here for the woodworking!

This is the season when my wife starts to make macarons. Seriously they are the best.

The feet matter.

PirateGarden version 19 Title Screen
This weekend I finished up the sound and music package along with putting wabbits in the game. To play, you will need a Java 8 runtime and a copy of my game.

If you want to take it apart and play with the code, here is the source.

Basic Map

There are a other people in the game that you can talk to and buy stuff or learn things from.  Pressing X when near them will start the conversation.


If the monkey ghost touches you, you will turn into a monkey.  You should be so lucky.  If you press X normally you will see your inventory.  By scrolling up and down you can select different things to use.  Press C to select them.  Once you have a few resources you can make things.

White Water

The moving water can be dangerous.

By the Sea

If you have a decent weapon you can swim out to a ship, attack it and board it.  Unless of course you drown or the ship kills you.  After you kill 26 ships, you will always have a ship ready when you enter water.


Getting surrounded by ships is a dangerous place to be.


Press M to see a map of what you have explored.  Press M again to return to playing.  There are gateways that will take you to other places.


The yellow gate will take you to the fair.  Everyone at the fair is friendly.  You can buy stuff and learn a few secrets that will give great advantages when playing.  knock on a tent by pressing C.  Then you can shop there by pressing X.

Stuff from the fair

I just left the Fair.  I got some wine, an omelet,  a mandolin and a pick.  All of these things will come in handy.   Very hard to win without a gem pick or better.

Marking Land

Sometimes to mark places I will dig trenches around them so they show up as shapes on the map.

Dark Maze

The maze has a bed in it.  That is where you find out what you need to win.

Win Time

Once you have won you can use the book, if you have one, to bring up this page.  This shows how long it took and gives a bit of status on your victory.

Custom Levels

No reason to quit just because you have won.  It is possible to use the stuff you have made and make entirely new levels and new challenges.



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