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Japanese Plane Wrappers are Plain Wrappers

I needed a few more plane wrappers. These are a very easy leatherworking project. No need for any fancy embellishments like straight lines. These can be rough.

Plane Wrappers

I had two, the dark ones, and I needed three more. Just in case, I made four.

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Leatherworkers Tool Holster

One thing I have not seen, apart from a tool roll, is a leatherworkers holder for tools, made from leather.  Kind of hard to find in a search, since leatherworkers make aprons, rolls, holsters, belts and pouches for everyone else.

In western woodworking, one of the common rites of passage is the manufacture of a tool box.  It is certainly a good test and demonstration of skill.   It is also a nice way to showcase your skills.

Because of these things, my fascination with tool containers, and my desperate need to organize my tools, I decided to make a leatherworker’s tool holder.    Of course I decided to try to be a bit artistic and to make the holder have a timeless sort of quality.

Tool Holster

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