Vagabond Tool Rack

I have finally finished my portable tool rack design. It is a tool roll, rack and box, all in one. Maybe not really a box, but then it may be better. Read along, and you can be the judge.

Before I let the cat out of the bag and show you the vagabond tool rack,


Delightful Time Waste

I could not resist posting this delightful game. It is a work of art!

What is it in us that lets us create and enjoy such pass times?


Giant Dibbler

Here is my giant dibbler. Made from a pine 4×4.

The cross bar is made from ash. The point has been shaped into a triangle.

This tool is pretty useful, it has even been borrowed by several people and returned damaged. It still works fine. You stick the point where you want to […]

The Ultimate Tool Box

Sadly, the ultimate tool box may be a five gallon plastic bucket. Hardly what one considers a timeless classic, but then again, I doubt future archeologists will consider them a rare find.

The main downside, is also an upside. There is no great appeal to the old pickle bucket. Just as the Japanese wooden tool […]

Traditions, Tools and What Will We Pass on to our Desendents?

As craftsmen, artists and gardeners, hand tool users who take joy in creation, we stand in reasonable shape to pass on our treasures to our grandchildren and even to strangers unknown who may marvel at the care and thought of those ancient hand craftsmen in the 21st century. This thought comforts me. This thought has […]