Chickens Love Pumpkin!


Chicken Tractor Trade Offs

I have been enjoying having my chickens run free during the day. Sadly the hawks have also enjoyed having my chickens run free during the day.

I love and respect hawks, love that they nest in my trees and have for as long as I have lived there. I wish the lazy bums would get […]


Here is the egg produced by Ameraucana chickens.

Pretty lightly blue or green or even pinkish brown eggs. I do love these chickens.


Chickens, dogs and people can get along, mostly.

This is Chewfa, named oddly after an almond tasting root called chufa, that is the original source for the delicious drink horchata.

Critter can get along fine!

It is not like this is a particularly good dog either.

This girl loves her chickens.

And her puppy.

I love it when animals […]

The Ascent of Chicken

I am trying to explore styles of art. So far, I have drawn a cartoon.

You can click on it for a larger view. Skip and I have been discussing art for quite a while, these discussions have really drawn my attention to the importance of expression. I think our tools have quite a […]