Chickens, dogs and people can get along, mostly.

This is Chewfa, named oddly after an almond tasting root called chufa, that is the original source for the delicious drink horchata.

Critter can get along fine!

It is not like this is a particularly good dog either.

This girl loves her chickens.

And her puppy.

I love it when animals and folk get along.

Sometimes a rooster can be downright evil.  I’m not getting along with this rooster.

Some roosters will protect their flock, and even risk themselves for their flock.

This is a good rooster.  He will fake having an injured wing, to give the other chickens a chance to run.  I love this guy.

Here he is getting between me and the chickens after seeing me take away the bad rooster.

Brave fellow this one.  I plan to breed for this fellows personality.


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