Making a Hexagonal Tool Box, Part 3, Precision Fitting

Once you have things basically cut, you may still have to fine tune them.

Here I am starting to plane the edges clamped together.

This worked in some spots and one some sides, but there were some grain issues. In this case I chickened out instantly and started using sandpaper.

Here is what I […]

Mesquite Square, Part 6

The beam of the square I have been making has been a bit long to fit in the tool box I have planned for it. I also wanted to try my hand at some wood burning.

I intended the numbers to get larger until 12 and then start smaller again. It did not turn […]

Making a Hexagonal Tool Box, Part 2, Templates and Guides

If you read my previous post, then my template may be familiar.

A good method is to use the template to set up the stops on your measuring equipment.

The stops in this case are a pair of brass stair gauges attached to a large carpenters square. These two gauges once set to […]

Making a Hexagonal Tool Box, Part 1, Hexagons

First thing you need is a really precise hexagon template. Enough other errors will creep into your work, you need to start with a good pattern.

Fortunately this is fairly easy to do manage, and you don’t need a lot of expensive stuff. A compass and some paper will do quite nicely.

Here is what […]

Mesquite Square, Part 5

The scratch shave is nice, but for me it is rarely used. The item that I use all the time, is a marking gauge. When you need a precise line marked parallel with the side of a board, this is the tool to use.

The working part is the point that sticks up at […]