Making a Hexagonal Tool Box, Part 3, Precision Fitting

Once you have things basically cut, you may still have to fine tune them.

Here I am starting to plane the edges clamped together.

This worked in some spots and one some sides, but there were some grain issues.  In this case I chickened out instantly and started using sandpaper.

Here is what I was trying to make.

The next step is to do something a bit more compicated.  I want the ends to fit together interleaving, to keep out moisture and dust.  This means rebates cut in all sides of six diamonds.

I am putting the square grooves on the edges on two sides, rebates, for the sides of the box to mount into.  The other two are opposite each other so that they can fit together.  I am making it a somewhat loose fit, I plan to have a leather seal on the edges to make them a bit more dust tight.

This is a skew rabbet plane that I am using to precision trim the roughly sawn rebates to nice clean fittings.

Here is where I am running into trouble,

I have the plane propped up in place in a spot that needs planing.  The problem is that the grain points right up and at the blade,  Since it is a rebate I cannot just flip it over and plane from the other side.  Since the rabbet plane in one sided, I cannot just flip it around.  I do not have a left handed rabbet plane.  I rather need one.  This is where starting a project can produce several extra projects.  In this case, the tool box gets put to the side for a bit longer, while I make a left handed rabbet plane.


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