Supper, Beneath the Trees, Beside the Pond, In the Garden

As the election of 2008 comes close, this is my attempt at a subtle statement of support.

I was out collecting seeds in the garden, and maintaining a presence to keep the hawks away, when my delightful wife brought me supper. A simple plate of spaghetti, noodles, tomato sauce and Parmesan cheese, is a delightful […]

Seed Packets

Zip lock bags are pretty much the rage for seed storage these days. However, they are quite inferior in some ways. They keep moisture in, so they can reduce the storage life of seeds and they can promote mold. For keeping moisture out, they are great.

The best initial packet is a paper one. After […]

Harvesting Tobacco Seeds

Tobacco is an amazing plant. The seeds are tiny, dust really. It is not the easiest plant to start. It needs really rich soil and moisture. But you don’t want any mold. The seeds are tiny, and the plants at first are so amazingly tiny. They have tiny roots and can dry out in a […]

Etching Steel, Failure

I enameled several steel slabs for etching in vinegar. When I went to scribe them, the enamel chipped off in large chips. The slab that I did not degrease the chips came off as sheets, but even where the slabs were treated to perfection, the enamel flakes off too large. I need to find a […]

Chicken Tractor Trade Offs

I have been enjoying having my chickens run free during the day. Sadly the hawks have also enjoyed having my chickens run free during the day.

I love and respect hawks, love that they nest in my trees and have for as long as I have lived there. I wish the lazy bums would get […]