The Other Works of William Shakespeare, 002 Shakespeare Met

I was sitting in a large moss covered oak tree on the bank of a creek just small enough to babble and just large enough to have pools. The roots by the creek were quite well exposed and through the windows that the roots framed, I could see fish swim and hunt and hide. […]

The Other Works of William Shakespeare, 001 Introduction

Let not this mad shepherd taint history,

By drawing lines tween stars misunderstood.

He declares for all time no defense none,

For the feverish dream this poem proceeds.

Let not a shepherd who himself straying,

Make trails that lead far […]

Etching Steel

I cut a few slabs of O1 steel to be kanabans. Since diamond grit will inbed itself into the steel, I want to label each plate seperately in a clear and permanent way.

So I am trying a few experiments. First off, I have sprayed enamel on them. I plant to scratch through the enamel […]

An Odd Sample of Poetry

I had intended to on occasion submit a bit of poetry to this site. I do enjoy writing poetry, yet I have little faith in my poetic talent. I have a goal, that sadly may be well beyond my skill to write. But then this tale has too many good parts to pass on. I […]

Planter/Bench, Part 1

The perfect planter, to me is just as high as you would want to sit. A nice seat goes all the way around it, and you can comfortably reach to at least the center if not the other side. Additionally it is stable enough for you to stand on, or move if need be.