A Wonderful and Free Tool Cabinet Plan!

Taunton Press has been kind enough to give a superb Fine Woodworking cabinet design away!


I think it is great! Inexpensive, pretty, and able to hold a large collection of tools. It has great tool visibility and uses a minimum of hardware to make. Jan Zoltowski has done a brilliant job of refining […]

Tool Rack with a French Cleat

In my pursuit of better tool storage, so far I have ignored my worst woodworking flaw. I will grab a tool, use it, and then place it on the nearest convenient surface when I am through with it. Eventually the mess takes over, finding tools is unbearable and tables full of sharp tools can become […]

Vagabond Tool Rack

I have finally finished my portable tool rack design. It is a tool roll, rack and box, all in one. Maybe not really a box, but then it may be better. Read along, and you can be the judge.

Before I let the cat out of the bag and show you the vagabond tool rack,


Leatherworkers Tool Holster

One thing I have not seen, apart from a tool roll, is a leatherworkers holder for tools, made from leather. Kind of hard to find in a search, since leatherworkers make aprons, rolls, holsters, belts and pouches for everyone else.

In western woodworking, one of the common rites of passage is the manufacture of a […]

Making a Head Knife

Here is my endless loop. I make stuff to make stuff to make stuff. Seriously. I have a theory that a leather tool box might be ideal. In any case I want to experiment. One thing that I need for this is a few leather tools. A lot I have bought, but one of the […]