Chicken Feeders, More Details

At one time I posted an article about Chicken Feeders. These feeders have worked out fairly well, but the measurements were not ideal. Feed was scattered, and the water on some of them did not flow as deeply as could be desired. So here are the updated dimensions, that for adult chickens, small and large, […]

Carl the Crook Beaked Chicken

This is Carl, named after Bill Murray’s character in Caddy Shack.

This poor girl is a survivor. She is much smaller than the rest of the Ameraucanas, she has had trouble getting enough food since she was a chick. When we got her, as a tiny chick, she had a broken beak. Carl has […]

Ameraucana Chickens

I love my chickens, they are truly the best I have ever had or seen.

Alert, fast, bug eating chickens.

The feather patterns are brilliant,

and some are quite striking.

They also lay blue eggs, and will leap up into your lap.

Amongst the blue egg laying chickens there are three […]

Chickens make Lousy House Pets!

But are great in the yard!

Having a little girl who loves and takes care of animals makes a father as happy as can be!

My little girl in her Happy Chicken Place!

So Mr. Bond, you have noticed my chicken army!



Chicken Coop

I made a tall coop for keeping a few chickens in. It has lots of perches that they can hop up on. The chickens have to hop a foot or so up and over to climb, but they seem to like it. I have made an effort to line up the perches so that they […]