Giant Dibbler

Here is my giant dibbler. Made from a pine 4×4.

The cross bar is made from ash. The point has been shaped into a triangle.

This tool is pretty useful, it has even been borrowed by several people and returned damaged. It still works fine. You stick the point where you want to […]

Jointmaker Pro, First Jig, First Review

I finally have the table set up for the Jointmaker Pro. So now comes the testing.

I decided to use a shaft of very tight grained ash. A vicious test for any saw. I am not going to go easy on the JMP.

First I took a section of ash, 1.3″ by 0.95″ I set […]

The Ultimate Tool Box

Sadly, the ultimate tool box may be a five gallon plastic bucket. Hardly what one considers a timeless classic, but then again, I doubt future archeologists will consider them a rare find.

The main downside, is also an upside. There is no great appeal to the old pickle bucket. Just as the Japanese wooden tool […]

Korean Furniture

Fine Korean Furniture is exquisite stuff. Master Carpenter Seol Seok-cheol is a great example for me to base my statement on.

My bias leans towards more classic lines, but I would be remiss if I left out the work of Byung Hoon Choi.

It is great to find such delightful inspiration!



Korean Tables

I have fallen in love with a Korean Table. It appears to be about perfect. It is simple, graceful and convenient. Not too hard to copy the lines, but I would love the classic (IE refined and tested over time) implementation and joint details.

Most Perfect Table

This particular table has been […]