Ancient Roman Infill?

Check out these two images, Roman Plane, Remains of Roman Plane. Both of these are from this site.

The one shown here does not have the side plates, but if it isn’t an infill, it is close to being one. This one is clearly not an infill.

Christopher Schwarz has apparently made one too.

One […]

The Best Plane?

Over on the Logan Cabinet Shoppe Blog, is a delightful article discussing the quality of current and 18th Century tools. Well worth the read.

This article strongly supports my own ideas on the quality of tools. A plane, is two things really, a jig to hold a blade perfectly for performing a task, and a […]

Cariboo Blades

On the subject of bent blades, there are those made to match the American Indian pattern. One great source and example, is Cariboo Blades. They make delightful crooked knives. The also make chisels and slicks, adze, ulus, cooking knives and draw knives. Best of all these artists make each one unique, and they use recycled […]

Finally, after Much Ado, The Jointmaker Pro

First I had to organize the parts,

Then put it together,

Then make sure the alignment is perfect.

I went way, way overboard on making sure everything lined up.

Now it needs a good base.



Spoon Making Knife Knol

Doug Stowe was doing fine craftsmanship professionally since I was still going to camp. His articles on woodworking and teaching and performing fine craftsmanship published in Fine Woodworking are all great reads. I have one of his books,

Taunton’s Complete Illustrated Guide to Box Making

It is a delightful book with lots of great […]