Jointmaker Pro Ships Monday!

Jointmaker Pro Ships Monday!!!!

The first 20 are scheduled to go out the door Monday the 2nd of March!

Sadly I am way down on the list (#246) so I will not see my largest tool purchase ever for a few weeks.

The estimate is 20 will be shipped a day, so mine […]

Tool Making Class Found while trying to Find the Quintessential Woodworkers Tool Set

This is a question that I keep trying to refine. What is the best list of tools. There are the tools you want in an apron, because you need them right when you need them. Some tools are just pretty, and hard to put aside. The persuit of the ideal set, keeps me searching. There […]

Wooden Clock Plans

Cruising the web, I discovered a delightful wooden clock, with free plans. This looks to be a RATHER ambitious project. You could spend a bit and make it much easier.

I like the puzzle clock here, these look like a good choice for starting. For fine art I would have to go with one of […]

Back to the Grind

I have quite a few projects planned that are going to need blades. So I am going to have to get back to work grinding shaping and mangling steel. On top of that, I really, really need to clean up several of my work areas. They have gotten a bit unruly and need to be […]

Experimental Rabbet Plane

Jorge, (Lapacho) on Woodnet recently posted his rabbet plane design. I was intrigued with the concept, so I made one. I modified it a bit, but then, I do that.

It makes nice shavings!

It leaves a smooth finish behind!

I tested it here on a splitting chunk of cedar, not the […]