Jointmaker Pro Ships Monday!

Jointmaker Pro Ships Monday!!!!

The first 20 are scheduled to go out the door Monday  the 2nd of March! 

Sadly I am way down on the list (#246) so I will not see my largest tool purchase ever for a few weeks.

The estimate is 20 will be shipped a day, so mine will probably not be shipped until March 18th. This means I won’t see it till after spring break.

If by some chance they manage to ship 35 a day instead, I may be able to get it on the 14th and have a whole week to play with it.

There are about 20 more unsold,  at the time of this writing.  So if you are debating the purchase, don’t wait long or you may end up waiting a very long time.

2 comments to Jointmaker Pro Ships Monday!

  • Cory

    I ordered some extra blades today (found out if you talk the right person they can add it to your JMP order).

    I didn’t ask my exact place in line, but my order back in september put me in the “middle of the pack”. There were some real early orders on these.

  • Lucky! You will probably see yours a week before I see mine. My review won’t be the first, however I will be able to read other peoples reviews and perhaps get a few tips!

    I will have to look to you for sage advice, Cory!


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