Another Way to Make a Rabbet!

Over on Woodnet Hand Tools Forum, Lapacho has shown his version of the rabbet plane. This is of great interest to me, I have made a lot of rabbet planes. While I am now convinced that rabbets are important enough to think that having a pair of matched skew planes is a better way to […]

Woodwright's Shop

Lately I have been enjoying going back over the Woodwright’s Shop episodes that are available online. Sweet!


Is a Copy of a Copy a Crime?

I have waded through a lot of discussions about copies being made of other tool designs. It is quite interesting to see where people stand. It seems that there are several issues that divide how we think about these things. The variations on ethic make this a pretty heated issue. Personally I like this. I […]

February Greens

One of the great joys of gardening is going shopping in you back yard.

I can sit on a bench and enjoy Magenta Spreen Lambs Quarter and Pac Choy fresh, clean and damp from an evening rain.

There is a bit of Swiss Chard at the back, for cooking as well.

With a […]

Big Wood Vise

Big Wood Vise is filling a nitch that has been fairly empty for a while. They are making wooden screws for bench vises!

Personally I like the Shaker style one the best.