Finally, after Much Ado, The Jointmaker Pro

First I had to organize the parts,
Parts Sorted

Then put it together,
Keel in Vise

Then make sure the alignment is perfect.
Lining up keel square to set the 0 degree mark

I went way, way overboard on making sure everything lined up.

Now it needs a good base.


2 comments to Finally, after Much Ado, The Jointmaker Pro

  • Congrats. I recommend making bendable wood, or something easy with repetitive cuts to start getting a feel for it. I’ve almost wrecked the blade 10 times since I got it – silly things like raising the blade up into the fence that you need to learn to not do. I’ve found that if something doesn’t move easily, don’t force it, stop and figure out what I’m doing wrong.

  • No problem there, Cory! I am pathologically careful on tools like this. I am being quite modest in my initial cuts. I slowly increase the angles until I am getting full use of the saw and an angle that cuts aggressively but smoothly. Aggressive is an overstatement. This is a precise tool, not an aggressive tool.

    I am getting to be very careful with my Japanese style blades, especially since I can’t get a Razorsaw 650 blade in the USA. They will send a 651, which is a very nice blade, but it is no 650.


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