Delightful Time Waste

I could not resist posting this delightful game. It is a work of art!

What is it in us that lets us create and enjoy such pass times?


Carving Rope Columns By Hand!

I hope I am this good when I grow up!

He also give good explanations of how he does it.

Jameel shows what woodworking is all about. He is no stranger to power tools, yet hand tools abound in his work.

Khalaf Oud Luthiery is a site well worth exploring!



Pixel Inlay Posibility

On the Jointmaker Pro front, John’s Blog shows off the ability to make cubes. My thoughts went to the checkerboard inlay borders. I think I will try some inlay experiments shortly. This looks like fun.


Cut and come again Lettuce, use it or lose it!

Right now my lettuce is at a turning point.

This one is beginning to produce seed. The one below is ready to eat.

If I remove all the mature leaves, it will grow more, and the pruning will prevent it from going to seed at least until it gets a little bit warmer.


Working Hot Steel

I have been needing to shape and temper a bit of steel for quite some time, but have put it off with one thing or another. My belt grinder has been acting flakey, so I really need to put together a bunch of parts I have been collecting and make a better one. A couple […]