Korean Tables

I have fallen in love with a Korean Table.  It appears to be about perfect.  It is simple, graceful and convenient. Not too hard to copy the lines, but I would love the classic (IE refined and tested over time) implementation and joint details.

Most Perfect Table

Most Perfect Table

This particular table has been used in more than one Korean  Drama.  If  you watch this video, about ten seconds into the show, you will see this table.  This table is an important character, at least it gets as much screen time as any character does, in this show.  The same table is also in the show, You are My Destiny.  My dear wife has  been watching this show, hoping for more details.  At times they take it outside, but they don’t show the process.  What I really want is photos detailing the corners and how they are constructed, but any info would be valuable.


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