In Memory

This is a flower that my recently departed father hybridized.

It is the Lousiana Iris, Ruffled Honey.


My Forge

Here is how I built my forge. Inexpensively. The boards you see are treated dog eared pine picket fence that has been run through a planer. The supports are scrap 4×4 from old fences, cut with a 30 degree taper on two sides to support a hexagonal shape. Like a bee, a lot of what […]


This is water hawthorn. The scent is better than vanilla. An amazing plant that likes cold weather. It will bloom through the ice.


Testing Japanese Saws

I am setting up an outdoor sink. I decided to go ahead and try out Japanese Tools for making the frame for it. I will also try learning a few of the methods of joining that are classic Japanese. I will be going for simple and solid, nothing worthy of a temple builder here.


Spam Comments

It is currently just an irritation, not really the end of the world or anything but I am getting quite a few fake comments on this blog. The majority are trying to sell drugs. Some are trying to sell online gambling, and others are selling insurance.

Really, I don’t think it would be smart to […]